Critical Race Perspectives on Anti-Asian Racism

Critical Race Perspectives will explore the different experiences of Anti-Asian racism in the United States and Norway in a panel conversation with important voices, namely Uma Feed Tjelta, Chi Ton, Ka Man Mak, and Curtis Chin, on September 27, 2021.

Bildet kan inneholde: produkt, menneskelig, smil, gjøre, linje.

According to World Economic Forum, Anti-Asian hate crimes surged by 169% across 15 major US cities between 2020-2021. Two years ago, the Chinese-Norwegian Johanne Ihle Hansen was murdered by her adoptive brother, and right-wing extremist terrorist Philip Manshaus before he attacked a a Mosque. Unfortunately, we don't have a statistic on the rate of anti-Asian hate crimes in Norway. Still, in recent years, many Asian Norwegians have spoken up about their experiences.

We will address several aspects of this problem with questions such as:
- What are commonalities between the US and Norwegian experiences of people of Asian descent?
- Why does society not take this issue seriously?
- Why are "positive" stereotypes still racist?
- What can the rest of society do to raise awareness about this issue?
- How do we combat anti-Asian racism, and why are solidarity and consciousness important?

In advance, we will make available the film "Vincent Who?" which was produced and directed by one of our guests, Curtis Chin. Curtis will talk about anti-Asian racism in the US and discuss the film in our programme.

Read more about the film here: 


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