Borealism and other Imagologies: from South to North

“Found in Translation: Southern Europe/Norden” is a research group at ILOS-UiO dealing with topics on how Northern/Southern cultural and national identities within Europe are negotiated, translated and shaped across different communities, shared spaces and channels. 

This seminar will be focused on Southern/Northern imagological aspects, from borealism as a way to define the North as a discursive space to an analysis of the epistemologies of the South.

Seminar. Borealism and other Imagologies: from South to North

24.04.2018. P.A. Munchs Seminarrom 8. Blindern campus. UiO

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10:15 - 11:00 - Sylvain Briens (Université Paris-Sorbonne): "Borealism"

Since antiquity the North has fascinated historians, geographers, philosophers and Southern writers, who have projected various forms of discourse onto it, from scientific observations or social and political considerations to dreams, fears and fantasies. This projection can be referred to as “borealism”, by analogy with the term “Orientalism”, as defined by Edward Saïd. Borealism describes the North as a discursive space, produced by and for the South. Unlike orientalism, which is exclusively produced by Occidental discourse, borealism is also sometimes reproduced in Nordic expressions of self-identity.

11:15 - 12:00 - Peter Stadius (University of Helsinki): "From inventing Southern Europe to epistemologies of the South"

The imagology of the North is connected to the imagology of the South. Both directions have their image traditions that also feed each other and interlink in many ways. The promotion of the North during the Enlightenment also meant an invention of ‘the South’, leading up to ‘the southern question’ in many European countries. Today a central strand in the critical academic research on globalization and modernity  connects to what is denominated as ‘Southern epistemologies’. The talk will dwell into the meanings given to and instrumental functions of the adjectives ‘southern’ and ‘northern’ in a longue durée historic perspective.

12:00 - 12:30 - Open conversation with our guest speakers.


Coffee and cookies will be served.


Alvaro Llosa Sanz og Elizaveta Khachaturyan
Emneord: nordicity, borealism, imagology, Southern Europe, Norden
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