Linguistic Russification in Russian Ukraine: Languages, Imperial Models, and Policies.

Guest lecture by Andriy Danylenko, professor of Russian and Slavic linguistics in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Pace University (New York) and Research Associate at Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. 

The paper deals with the vagaries of linguistic russification among the Ukrainians from the mid-seventeenth century to 1914. The author explores the major stages in the implementation of the policies of russification in Russian Ukraine, starting with first bans on books printed in Church Slavonic of the Ukrainian recension via the decrees and edicts issued by Peter I together with the Holy Synod to the punitive measures taken by the tsarist regime against new literary Ukrainian in the second half of the nineteenth century. The author distinguishes three languages (Church Slavonic of the Ukrainian recension, Ruthenian, and new literary Ukrainian) which were consecutively objects of hostile language management of the tsarist administration. Based on the three languages and the system of imperial models, a new periodization of linguistic russification and denationalization is substantiated.

Publisert 2. nov. 2018 13:20 - Sist endret 2. nov. 2018 13:21