Dystopias and catastrophes in Spanish-American literature of the new millennium

A guest lecture by Professor Edoardo Balletta, University of Bologna

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Jorge J. Locane - Panamá

Seminar: Distopías y catástrofes en la literatura hispanoamericana del nuevo milenio

Speaker: Associate Professor Adoardo Balletta

Language: Spanish


Edoardo Balletta teaches Latin-American Literature at the University of Bologna. His interests focus on Twentieth-century poetry, with special attention to the Argentine avant-gardist Oliverio Girondo, and on the neo-baroque. In recent years he has examined the relationship between cultural artifacts, politics, and history, publishing contributions on political comics, revolutionary imaginaries, and the relationship between photography and memory in Argentina.



Jorge J. Locane
Emneord: Latin-Amerika, Latin American Literature, Spanish Literature
Publisert 21. feb. 2022 13:23 - Sist endret 3. mars 2022 08:26