Corpus Linguistics Group

The Corpus Linguistics Group provides a forum for the discussion of topics related to corpus linguistics, particularly within English language research.

About the group

The group has members from the University of Oslo as well as other institutions. Meetings are held approximately once a month.

In the autumn of 2018, the group will meet on Thursdays, 16.15-17.30.

The dates are so far tentative. Topics and speakers TBA. 

Date Room Presenter(s) Topic
6 Sept PAM 489

Stine Hulleberg Johansen


Øyvind Thormodsæter

Exploring new approaches to the corpus-based contrastive study of hedging strategies in spoken language.
Not everyone enjoys being loved, but I like it: A contrastive study of three feeling-denoting verbs in English and Norwegian.
27 Sept PAM 389 Hildegunn Dirdal L2 development of -ing clauses: A longitudinal study of Norwegian learners
25 Oct PAM 489 Karin Aijmer

The uses of the intensifier absolutely in the spoken BNC2014

29 Nov


Welcome back next term!


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