Patterns in contrast

Jarle Ebeling & Signe Oksefjell Ebeling

Wednesday 12 September, 14.15; room 489 PAM


In this talk we will outline a method we have applied in the analysis of patterns in contrast. The method involves using corpus-linguistic approaches anchored in previous contrastive and phraseological work. The contrastive approach is inspired by scholars who advocate translations and cross-linguistic correspondences as tertium comparationis (e.g. James 1980, Altenberg 1999, Johansson 1998, 2007). Chesterman's (1998, 2007) methodology and his concept of perceived similarity are also sources of inspiration. The phraseological approach which our method relies on is the neo-Firthian one, where meaning, to a greater extent than is often believed, is said to reside in multi-word units rather than single words. These units, or patterns, and Sinclair's (1996, 1998) extended-unit-of-meaning model are therefore central to our study. To illustrate the method a short case study of the pattern back and forth will be presented.



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