The perfect in spoken Ghanaian English

Gloria Otchere

The talk presents the background and the theoretical and methodological foundations of my PhD project aimed at exploring the underlying linguistic systematicity in the use of the perfect in spoken Ghanaian English. This bigger project aims at exploring the linguistic constraints on the use of the perfect in spoken Ghanaian English, and attempts an explanation of the patterns that emerge by comparing it to the patterns in British English, which is its input variety; American English, which is a ‘virtual’ input variety whose influence is increasingly felt through the many literature, movies, music and religious materials which abound in the country; and the Twi, the major indigenous Ghanaian language spoken in Ghana. The project is based on the assumption that given the highly multilingual context of Ghana, the grammar of Ghanaian English, which can be considered as a contact language in several respects, is likely to be made up of features drawn from the languages which are present in its environment as it develops, and so different tendencies in Ghanaian English can be explained by recourse to the other languages.

Publisert 7. okt. 2014 13:21