Verbal and nominal expressions in an English-Norwegian translation perspective

Hilde Hasselgård

CLG, Thursday 5 September 2013, PAM 489

In this presentation I will explore some verbal and nominal expressions in English and Norwegia. The material consists of selected pairs of verbs and nouns in which the noun is derived from the verb and expresses a nominalized process, for example discover/oppdage vs discovery/oppdagelse. I have used the non-fiction part of the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus. By studying the translation of partly synonymous verbs and nouns in both directions of translation, we get a better picture of verbal and nominal expressions of processes in both languages. Since explicitation is said to be a feature of translation, it was expected that some of the nominalizations would be translated by verbal expressions, but that the opposite would not happen much. This hypothesis was only partly supported. As Norwegian is often claimed to be a verb-preferring language, fewer nominalizations were expected in Norwegian; however the results suggest that the languages are more similar in this respect than has been assumed.

Publisert 27. aug. 2013 13:07 - Sist endret 27. aug. 2013 13:07