An English-Norwegian comparison of adjunct adverbials

Hilde Hasselgård (ILOS)

This paper presents a contrastive exploration of adjunct adverbials* in English and Norwegian. It uses the system for classification and analysis of adverbials developed in my book Adjunct Adverbials in English (Cambridge University Press 2010). The contrastive study focuses on two text types of English and Norwegian, namely fiction and news reportage. For the English part, the ICE-GB corpus is used; i.e. the analysis of English is taken directly from the 2010 book. The Norwegian part consists of a collection of newspaper articles (taken from online editions of a number of papers) and some fictional texts. The original study of English identified a number of differences between text types as to their use of adverbial adjuncts, concerning the overall frequency of adjuncts in running text, the frequency distribution of semantic subtypes of adjuncts and the use of adverbial positions. Furthermore, the text types also differed somewhat as to the discourse functions of adjuncts. The aim of the investigation is thus two-fold: to compare the use of adverbial adjuncts in English and Norwegian (with regard to the frequency of syntactic and semantic types, adverbial placement and discourse functions) and to investigate whether the same pattern of text type variation can be seen in the Norwegian corpus. A subsidiary objective is to try out the framework for analysing English adverbials on Norwegian text.

*'adjunct' is defined approximately according to the classification system in Quirk et al (1985)

Publisert 1. mars 2012 15:50 - Sist endret 15. mars 2012 17:17