Indians or Norwegians: Who’s more sorry? Apology strategies in 2 varieties of English

Lalita Murty (UiO and the Norwegian Study Centre, University of York)

Tuesday 11 November, 14:15, PAM 489

This talk will present the findings of a study comparing the use of apology strategies by business management students in India (an established Outer Circle variety) and Norway (a variety that straddles outer and expanding circles) in a range of business settings. A Discourse Completion Task following Blum-Kulka et al (1989) consisting of a mix of 10 business situations was employed to elicit apologies from 50 students each in India and Norway.

While both groups performed similarly, there are subtle differences between the groups in the use of individual strategies. On the whole,  the results of both groups are in line with the findings of main studies in the field, suggesting universality in the use of apology strategies (Blum-Kulka, S., J. House and and G. Kasper (eds.) 1989).

Publisert 6. nov. 2014 18:57