An eye for an eye? Exploring the cross-linguistic phraseology of eye/øye

Signe Oksefjell Ebeling

Thursday 15th May at 14.15 in PAM 489

Previous studies have shown the productive nature of eye and how it enters into patterns of a more or less non-compositional nature (e.g. Sinclair 1991, Więcławska 2012). This paper adds a contrastive dimension and explores the cross-linguistic phraseology of the English-Norwegian cognates eye and øye on the basis of monolingual, bilingual and multilingual corpora.



Sinclair, John. 1991. Shared knowledge. In J.E. Alatis (ed.), Linguistics and Language Pedagogy: The State of the Art. Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics 1991. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 489-500.

Więcławska, Edyta. 2012. A Contrastive Semantic and Phraseological Analysis of the HEAD-related Lexical Items in Diachronic Perspective. Rzeszów: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego.

Publisert 24. apr. 2014 16:00