Comparing linguistic metaphors is L1 and L2 English

Susan Nacey

I have recently defended my doctoral dissertation, entitled Comparing linguistic metaphors is L1 and L2 English. This investigation had two main aims:

1) to compare the extent and characteristics of the metaphorical expressions written by advanced Norwegian speakers of English with those produced by British A-level students who are native speakers of English, and
2) to trial and evaluate the newly-developed Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP) as a tool for identifying linguistic metaphors in the written production of novice writers.

In this talk I will first present a summary of my dissertation, defining the object of study (linguistic metaphor) and then providing details on both the data (from the NICLE and LOCNESS corpora) and the general results concerning Norwegian learner language.

The bulk of my discussion, however, will focus on my second research aim about the method used for metaphor identification. I will explain MIP in some depth, exemplifying the procedure with material found in my data. Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, especially as regards learner language, will also be discussed. Given time and interest, we may also try out the procedure on the two opening sentences from the very first NICLE text I analyzed, thus offering a taste of the various considerations at stake when deciding upon metaphoricity.

Publisert 28. apr. 2011 16:56 - Sist endret 28. apr. 2011 16:57