Texture in Learner Language

Sylvi Rørvik

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Do Norwegian students of English structure their texts in the same way that native speakers of English do?

In this talk I will present my Ph.D. project "Texture in learner language", which is a study of thematic progression and cohesion in texts produced by Norwegian advanced learners of English. The presentation will include an overview of the analytical framework (based on systemic-functional grammar) and the methods and material I use. I will also present some results from a pilot study.

The following questions form the starting point for the investigation:

1.      How native-like is the English produced by Norwegian advanced learners in terms of texture, i.e. as regards thematic structure and the use of conjunction as a cohesive device?

2.      Which factors might explain differences found between English produced by Norwegian advanced learners and English produced by native speakers?

Publisert 14. jan. 2011 13:59