Lexico-grammatical stance markers across registers: Nuancing the (in)formal dichotomy

Tove Larsson

Université Catholique de Louvain

Stance markers (i.e. self-positioning devices) help us position ourselves in relation to our claims, and as such are of central importance in both speech and writing (e.g. Biber et al., 1999). In this talk, I will focus in particular on how stance can be studied in relation to register to nuance the common view of (in)formality as a dichotomy. The study compares the distribution of frequent morphologically related stance markers (e.g. important, importantly, importance) in learner writing from one register (academic writing) to expert writing from several different registers (academic writing, popular science, news, novels and conversation). In doing so, it investigates (i) which of the experts’ registers the learners’ use is closest to and, thus, (ii) whether describing learner use as simply “informal” might be simplifying matters. As student writers have been found to exhibit somewhat insufficient register awareness (Larsson & Kaatari, accepted), such an investigation sheds further light on the often-cited claim that students, in particular non-native-speaker students, are overly informal in their writing (e.g. Altenberg & Tapper, 1998). The study uses subsets from one expert corpus, BNC-15, two learner corpora, ALEC and VESPA, and two NS student corpora, BAWE and MICUSP. Biber et al.’s (1999:969–970) framework of grammatical stance marking is used, along with inferential and explorative statistics, such as Multiple Correspondence Analysis.



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Emneord: Corpus linguistics, learner corpus research, stance, academic writing, register variation
Publisert 6. mars 2018 16:32 - Sist endret 21. nov. 2019 14:29