Ruprecht von Waldenfels er ansatt som førsteamanuensis i polsk og russisk

Von Waldenfels skal for det meste undervise i polsk og russisk, og planlegger å ta med studentene på en felttur neste sommer, i samarbeid med kolleger fra Moskva.

Ruprecht von Waldenfels (Foto: Privat)

Von Waldenfels studerte slaviske språk, østeuropeisk historie og datateknologi i Berlin og Helsinki før han tok en doktorgrad i slavisk lingvistikk i Regensburg i Tyskland, med en sammenlignende studie av russisk, polsk og tsjekkisk. Postdoktor-arbeidet ble gjennomført i Sveits, Polen og USA.

Von Wandenfels presenterer seg på engelsk:

«My post-doctoral work centers on the use of a pan-Slavic parallel corpus of translations for the comparative study of Slavic with new, digital tools.

Since my student days I have been fascinated by the similarity, yet diversity of the Slavic languages, the largest, youngest, and perhaps most diverse of the branches of Indo-European spoken in Europe.  In my research I try to model the variation of Slavic on several levels using corpus linguistic and computational methods in order to deepen our understanding of this variation against the background of cultural history, linguistic typology, and social and cognitive foundations of language use.

For the time being, I will mostly teach Polish and Russian courses, focussing on grammar and corpus-linguistic methods for the study of these languages. I am looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and students and finding out more about their interests and how I can integrate my research interests in teaching. For starters, I plan to take Oslo students on a dialectological field trip next summer that I am organizing together with colleagues from Moscow. So far, these trips have been joint Swiss-Russian endeavors; now they will be Norwegian-Russian, and I am excited to see how this will work out.»

Av Toril Haugen
Publisert 18. sep. 2017 14:37 - Sist endret 19. sep. 2017 16:11