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Antologien (6.) inneholder følgende kapitler:

- Introduction (Steinar A. Sæther)
- Making Sense of a Minor Migrant Stream (Steinar A. Sæther)
- From Adventurers to Settlers: Norwegians in Southern Brazil (Ellen F. Woortmann)
- Migrants on Skis: Norwegian-Latin American Return Migration in the 1890s (Cecilia Alvstad)
- The Good, the Bad and the Rational: Desirable and Undesirable Migration to Cuba and Mexico (1907-1909) (Mieke Neyens) 
- Opportunities for the Few and Select: Norwegians in Guatemala (1900-1940) (Synnøve Ones Rosales )
- Male Narratives from the Margins of the Country of Immigrants: Two Norwegians in Argentina in the 1920s (María Bjerg)
- Three Norwegian Experiences in Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Per Imerslund, Halfdan Jebe and Ola Apenes (Ricardo Pérez Montfort)
- The Blikstad Family: Saga of Emigrants in Norway, Spain, and Brazil (María Alvarez Solar)