Publisert 13. des. 2017 14:58

The discipline of literary studies has a long tradition of borrowing the concepts and methods of related disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, while also itself exerting a significant influence on other disciplines. In this book, 15 literary scholars hailing from five different countries consider these processes of mutual enrichment from various critical perspectives.

Publisert 19. juni 2017 13:16

Korleis kan forsking fremje menneskerettane? Og korleis oppfattar forskarar frå forskjellige fag og disiplinar menneskerettar innanfor si forsking? ...

Publisert 13. juni 2017 13:03

This special issue in the OSLa series contains a selection of papers from a workshop organized under the auspices of the project GRAMNORUS - Grammar from a Norwegian-Russian Perspective -, a joint Norwegian-Russian collaboration project, financed by SIU and based at ILOS.