Border Aesthetics. Concepts and Intersections

This book offers through six key ideas - ecology, imaginary, in/visibility, palimpsest, sovereignty and waiting - theoretical starting points for an aesthetic understanding of borders.

About the book

Few concepts are as central to understanding the modern world as borders, and the now-thriving field of border studies has already produced a substantial literature analyzing their legal, ideological, geographical, and historical aspects. Such studies have hardly exhausted the subject’s conceptual fertility, however, as this pioneering collection on the aesthetics of borders demonstrates. Organized around six key ideas—ecology, imaginary, in/visibility, palimpsest, sovereignty and waiting—the interlocking essays collected here provide theoretical starting points for an aesthetic understanding of borders, developed in detail through interdisciplinary analyses of literature, audio-visual borderscapes, historical and contemporary ecologies, political culture, and migration.


This well-structured book offers a refreshing and novel approach to the now fairly crowded field of border studies, advancing an innovative and humanities-facing theoretical framework grounded in aesthetics.
Hastings Donnan, Queen’s University Belfast

By pushing aesthetics beyond its canonical topics and giving special attention to the link between aesthetic sensitivity and political context, this volume introduces a groundbreaking perspective and provides an impressive starting point for further wide-ranging investigations.
Tonino Griffero, University of Rome

About the editors

Johan Schimanski

Stephen F. Wolfe



Emneord: Borders, Aesthetics
Publisert 26. apr. 2017 09:27 - Sist endret 26. apr. 2017 13:27