Cross-linguistic Correspondences. From lexis to genre

This book features recent developments in the expanding field of Contrastive Linguistics.

About the book

Contrastive Linguistics is an expanding field, as witnessed by the publication in recent years of an increasing number of monographs, collected volumes and journal articles. The present volume, which comprises an introduction and ten chapters dealing with lexical contrasts between English and other languages, shows advances within the well-established lexical work in the field. Each of the chapters takes lexical items as its starting point and compares English with one or more languages. The languages represented are Spanish, Lithuanian, Swedish, German, Norwegian and Czech. Furthermore, they emphasise the link between lexis and grammar, not only within the same language, but also across languages. Finally, several studies represent one of the more recent developments of contrastive linguistics, namely a growing focus on genre and register comparisons. The book should appeal to both established scholars and advanced students with an interest in lexis, genre, corpus linguistics and/or contrastive linguistics..

About the editors

Hildegunn Dirdal

Thomas Egan



Emneord: Contrastive Linguistics, Genre comparisons, Register comparisons
Publisert 20. des. 2017 10:43 - Sist endret 20. des. 2017 10:43