Agnes Moorehead on Radio, Stage and Television

This new book about the American entertainment industry examines the career of the actress Agnes Moorehead.

About the book

In a career spanning six decades, Agnes Moorehead (1900–1974) was perhaps unique among 20th-century American actresses in making her name in four entertainment media—radio, theater, film and television—after age 40. Focusing on 25 of her most representative performances, this retrospective analyzes her work on radio serials like Mayor of the Town (1942–1949) and Suspense (1942–1962), her stage productions of Don Juan in Hell and Gigi, her television appearances on Bewitched and The Twilight Zone and her Emmy-winning appearance on The Wild Wild West.

The author presents Moorehead’s roles in the context of her personal life, discusses her relationship with directors, producers and other performers and provides little known facts about the productions.

About the author

Nils Axel Nissen



Emneord: American actresses, entertainment industry, Biography
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