Born in Yugoslavia - Raised in Norway: Former Child Refugees and Belonging

This book is based on a qualitative study of immigrants' collective identifications and the ways in which belonging and othering are expressed in their narrative discourse.

About the book

The main material comes from in-depth interviews with former child refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, residing in Norway. The individuals’ representations of belonging are examined in light of the violent conflict that lead to their migration, their personal immigration experiences and their time growing up and residing in Norway.


About the author

Dragana Kovačević Bielicki is a social researcher, who holds a PhD in Migration, Nationalism and Cultural Studies from ILOS, University of Oslo (2016). She previously received degrees in Philosophy from the University of Belgrade (2006) and Nationalism Studies from Central European University in Budapest (2008). The author currently resides in Oslo.





Emneord: Yugoslavia, Child refugees, Migration, Belonging
Publisert 30. jan. 2018 15:30 - Sist endret 31. jan. 2018 14:56