Italiano e norvegese: studi di lingua e di cultura

This book consists of articles based on the master thesis by five students at ILOS and two articles by the editor, one of which gives an overview of the field. 

About the book

The articles included in the volume describe the language as an important part of culture. Through the analysis of words, expressions, and linguistic forms they give us an insight into Italian society. Each study is focused on different types of texts, such as: literary texts and their translations, political discourse, narratives. At the same time Norwegian language is also taken into consideration in each study. The main goal of the volume is a comparison of translational or discursive strategies in two languages. This contrastive approach gives interesting results that can help us to understand better similarities and differences between two languages and two societies. The studies can be useful for students of Italian on different levels; they can also inspire new MA students to start similar investigations.

Table of contents.

Elizaveta Khachaturyan. Dal testo alle parole: studi contrastivi.

Anne Flaen Anvik. Emozioni in norvegese e in italiano: analisi linguistica delle favole di H. C. Andersen.

Helene Johansen. La traduzione degli elementi culturali nella letteratura per bambini (il romanzo di M.Parr “Vaffelhjarte” tradotto in italiano).

PernilleThull. Problemi di traduzione di due romanzi italiani in norvegese: tra la lingua e il dialetto.

Marit Viggen. La retorica politica contemporanea: analisi dei discorsi di Berlusconi e di Stoltenberg.

Margrethe Førre Nardocci. Il lessico musicale nei modi di dire in italiano e in norvegese.

Elizaveta Khachaturyan. Speaking about the past from different perspectives: the acquisition of Italian L2 by Norwegian and Russian learners.


About the editor

Elizaveta Khachaturyan







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