Intertextualité surréaliste dans la poésie de René Char. Apparitions et réapparitions de l’image d’Artine

In Intertextualité surréaliste dans la poésie de René Char, Julie S. Kleiva demonstrates how the initially surrealist figure of Artine becomes a complex, polymorphus and, most importantly, significally present image throughout the work of the French poet René Char (1907-1988).

About the book

By adopting an intertextual approach, Kleiva argues that the figure of Artine is a disturbing and confusing creative agency that corresponds to the core of Char’s poetry. The reappearing image of Artine serves to demonstrate that Char’s poetic rupture of the years from 1935-1937 has been exaggerated, and must be viewed as a development rather than a clean break.

For more information, see Brill's presentation of the book.

About the author

Julie S. Kleiva is a former PhD candidate at ILOS. She defended her dissertation on René Chars in February 2015.






Emneord: René Chars, Poetry, French, French literature
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