Living Together – Roland Barthes, the Individual and the Community

This volume is about rhythmic aspects of living together in various forms of communities.

About the book

Is it possible to create a community for those who resist family and communal life? A community where everyone lives according to their own rhythm, and yet respects the individual rhythms of others?

In a thought-provoking and original, interdisciplinary approach to questions of conviviality, the contributions of this anthology respond to Roland Barthes' 1977 lecture series on the subject of "How to Live Together" at the Collège de France in Paris and explore Barthes' utopia of "idiorrhytmic life forms" in literature, arts and other media.


About the editors

Knut Stene-Johansen

Christian Refsum

Johan Schimanski




Emneord: Barthes, Community, Rhythm, Idiorrhytmic
Publisert 31. mai 2018 11:59 - Sist endret 31. mai 2018 11:59