Multiple Mediterranean. Myths, Utopias and Real-Life Experiences

Associate Professor at ILOS Geir Uvsløkk has edited a new book on the Mediterranean in modern literature, together with colleagues from the University of Agder and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Multiple Mediterranean. Myths, Utopias and Real-Life Experiences

About the book

The Mediterranean Sea​ is both a barrier and a passage, a meeting point and an arena for
conflict, a reality and a dream. It carries with it a rich heritage from three separate continents –
Africa, Asia, and Europe – comprising social and cultural oppositions and negotiations between North and South, East and West, and also dark shadows from a colonial past. The articles presented in this volume investigate diverse cultural manifestations of this multiple Mediterranean in modern literature, and illustrate its historical, political and existential influence as the cradle of Western civilisation. The literary works vary from novels written by artists who escaped from the dehumanising industrial and urban ambience of the North in the years after the First World War as cultural refugees or pilgrims in search of the mythical origins and echoes of their own cultures, to more recent works addressing various aspects of the postcolonial period.

About the editors

Geir Uvsløkk

Brit Helene Lyngstad

Sissel Lie

Emneord: French literature, Literature, American Literature, English literature, Norwegian Literature
Publisert 7. des. 2018 14:11 - Sist endret 7. des. 2018 15:15