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ILOS will relocate to Ullevål Stadion during the refurbishment of Niels Treschow's building. The address of the temporary office is Sognsveien 77 B, and ILOS will be located on 2nd and 3rd floor. We have gathered some information, questions and answers from the information meeting that took place on 23 May below.

Before we move: all employees must have packed their belongings and cleared the office by 1 July. We will provide labels for boxes to be sent either to Ullevål or to the temporary storage room at Hvalsmoen. Everyone should label their office chair and drawer unit on wheels so that they are taken along with the boxes. The likely date for moving into the premises at Ullevål is around the 25th of July.

The library does not wish to receive books that people do not want to keep. ILOS will arrange a flea market for students (seminar room 706 NT) where books and other things will be given away.

During the renovation of Niels Treschow’s building we will make available some base offices for those who need to be at campus for teaching, etc. on the 6th floor of Niels Treschows building. We also plan to arrange for supervision there, if possible. The worst phase of demolition will take place in July and August. Building workers will not use the internal lifts in NT; outdoors lifts will be used during the work period. The work will cause noise and dust and be disruptive.

The refurbished Niels Treschow’s building will be ready for us to move back in by August 2017. The academic environments will be located together, which means that some of us will have to exchange offices after the refurbishment. We will return with more information about this. ILOS will put together a working group for the planning of the location of staff.

Other changes: we will get some new project offices, coffee-break rooms and kitchens on each floor. The Directorate has agreed to place the air conditioning system on the roof (as in the SV building), which will make available more of the area on the 12th floor. All offices will be furnished with raising and lowering desks and get new furniture. More information about the furnishing of the new premises will be provided at a later stage.

Questions and answers:

When are we moving?

  • The offices must be cleared by 1 July, and all employees must have packed and marked (tagged) their boxes by then. People will have limited access to their offices between 1- 25 July. People who are not on holiday are encouraged to work at home using their laptops.

How do we get access to printers after 1 July?

  • We do not know yet, this has to be clarified with USIT.

Can I take my old office furniture to Ullevål?

  • All employees must label their own chairs and drawer units on wheels so that they are taken along with the boxes to Ullevål. The chairs and boxes must be labeled with destination Ullevål.
  • Other furniture: we have limited capacity for storage at Ullevål. Those who want to hold on to their furniture should store these in a private space.

What do we do with our office PC’s and phones?

  • Each employee packs his/her own PC in boxes. The IT department at HF ​​will connect these at Ullevål so they are ready for use in late July.
  • Phones: we are waiting to clarify a solution with USIT. Everybody should pack their Office Telephone, and all staff members will keep the same phone number.

Will we get access to what we pack in the boxes?

  • What you need of books and materials for the next year you must pack in boxes to be taken to Ullevål. Max 10 "shelf meters" per person.
  • If there are things you are unsure whether you will need, you should take it home.
  • Things that are sent to the temporary storage space at Hvalsmoen in Hønefoss will not be available during the year we stay at Ullevål.

What about stuff we do not want to keep?

  • There are already containers on each floor for different types of waste. A special container for electrical waste is placed on the 8th floor.
  • Books you don’t need anymore may be placed in room 706, Niels Treschow’s hus. We will offer the leftover books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. to our students.

Where will people be seated at Ullevål?

  • We are working on the distribution of office spaces.

How do we arrange student counselling and supervision? 

  • We will return to this issue, but one solution is to set up a few rooms for supervision in Niels Treschow’s hus, 6th floor.

What will the opening hours be at Ullevål?

  • As they are at Niels Treschows building today. We try to arrange for employees to gain access with their UiO access Cards.

What will be our mail address?

  • The same as today. All ILOS staff members will receive their mail at Ullevål.

What about the key to my Office in NT house?

  • All members of staff must hand in their key to Vibeke at ekspedisjonskontoret (8th floor) before leaving for the summer.
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