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Rom NT 722
Besøksadresse Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0316 OSLO
Postadresse Postboks 1003 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Andre tilknytninger Institutt for pedagogikk (Student)

PhD Research Fellow - Literature, Rights, and Imagined Communities

My research project is titled Queer(ed) Fairy Tales. While the primary focus is on literary sources, I also consider adaptations across a range of media, such as comic book or moving image, so as to reflect the plurality of the contemporary fairy tale. The ultimate goal of the project will be to explore the way in which these works question the exclusion of the LGBTQI+ community from ‘traditional’ fairy tales, and to evaluate their proposal for a more inclusive genre. By analysing works from 1990 to the present, the project will offer a report on the state of the queer contemporary fairy tale. Furthermore, a chronological analysis of the chosen sources will allow me to trace any possible evolution in the representation of queer identities and issues, particularly in relation to recent progress in the matter of LGBTQI+ rights.


  • MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present (180 ECTS), University of Edinburgh, 2015.
    • Dissertation:  “Stranger Than Fairy Tales: Analysing Queerness in Suniti Namjoshi’s Feminist Fables, Emma Donoghue’s Kissing the Witch and Malinda Lo’s Ash”.
  • Lic. English Philology (300 ECTS), University of Oviedo, 2014.
    • Honours Dissertation: "Heroines Break Themselves Free: Deconstruction of Romantic Love and Other Myths in the Works of Sara Maitland".


  • Morollón Diaz-Faes, Alba (2019). Fairy LGBTales: Mapping Queer Fairy-Tale Retellings from the 1990s to the 2010s.

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