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Engelsk litteratur, Engelskspråklig litteratur, Barnelitteratur, Amerikansk litteratur



PhD, English Literature, University of York, UK

MA (Distinction), Medieval Literature, University of Oxford, UK

BA (1st Class), English Literature, University of Oxford UK

Emneord: Engelsk, Engelsk litteratur, Engelskspråklig litteratur, Barnelitteratur, Americansk litteratur


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  • McCausland, Eleanor (2020). The Botanical Kitchen. Bloomsbury/Absolute Press. ISBN 9781472969446. 272 s.
  • McCausland, Eleanor (2019). Malory's Magic Book: King Arthur and the Child, 1862-1980. Boydell & Brewer. ISBN 9781843845195. 234 s.

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  • McCausland, Eleanor (2020). ‘Plagiarizing the Victorian Novel: Imitation, Parody, Aftertext.’ . Dickens Quarterly. ISSN 0742-5473. 37(3).
  • McCausland, Eleanor & Gaardbo Nielsen, Jakob (2019). Special Issue: Fraud and Forgery in the Long Nineteenth Century. Victorian Review. ISSN 0848-1512. 45(2).

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