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Andre tilknytninger Det humanistiske fakultet (Student)

PhD Project Title: The present perfect - preterite alternation in Ghanaian English. A corpus-based variationist study.

This project explores patterns of variation in the use of the present perfect and the preterite in Ghanaian English and attempts an explanation of emergent patterns by comparing them to the patterns in British English, its input variety, and to Akan (Twi), which is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Ghana. It is grounded in the Comparative streak of the Variationist framework and uses Meyerhoff's (2013) framework for typologising the outcomes of contact  using variationist tools as basis for determining similarity or difference.

The study focuses on only present perfect tokens which locate situations wholly-in-the-past and preterite tokens whose predicated situations coincide with their full situations. The data for Ghanaian English and British English are drawn from the spoken private conversation parts of ICE-GH and ICE-GB respectively. The Twi data come from a self-compiled Corpus of spoken Asante Twi.

Emneord: present perfect, variationst sociolinguistics, Ghanaian English, Akan


  • Stoffelsma, Lieke; Mwinlaaru, Isaac Nuokyaa; Otchere, Gloria; Owusu-Ansah, Alfred L. & Adjei, Joseph A. (2017). Curriculum design in practice: Improving the academic reading proficiency of first year university students | [Un diseño curricular en la práctica: La mejora del nivel en lectura académica de los alumnos en su primer año en la universidad]. Ibérica.  ISSN 1139-7241.  2017(33), s 97- 124 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.

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