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Bilde av Kjell Johan Sæbø
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Rom NT 1007
Besøksadresse Niels Treschows hus 10. et. Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Postadresse ILOS Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 Oslo

Faglige kompetanseområder

Lingvistikk, semantikk, pragmatikk, språkfilosofi

Personlege heimesider

Emneord: Tysk, Tysk språk, Lingvistikk, Semantikk, Pragmatikk, Språkfilosofi


Journal articles

  • Spalek, Alexandra Anna & Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2019) "To Finish in German and Mainland Scandinavian: Telicity and Incrementality". Journal of Semantics 36(2), 349–375. doi: 10.1093/jos/ffz003
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2019) "The explicative genitive and close apposition". Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 37(3), 997–1027. doi: 10.1007/s11049-018-9421-4
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2016) "How questions and the manner-method distinction". Synthese 193(10), 3169–3194. doi: 10.1007/s11229-015-0924-9
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2015) "Lessons from Descriptive Indexicals". Mind 124(496), 1111–1161. doi: 10.1093/mind/fzv031
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2013) "Reports of Specific Indefinites". Journal of Semantics 30(3), 267–314. doi: 10.1093/jos/ffs015
  • Grønn, Atle & Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2012) "A, The, Another: A Game of Same and Different". Journal of Logic, Language and Information 21(1), 75–95. doi: 10.1007/s10849-011-9148-7
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2010) "On the semantics of "embedded exclamatives"". Studia Linguistica 64(1), 116–140. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9582.2010.01165.x
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2009) "Judgment ascriptions" Linguistics and Philosophy 32(4), 327–352. doi: 10.1007/s10988-009-9063-4.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2009) "Possession and pertinence: the meaning of have". Natural Language Semantics 17(4), 369–397. doi: 10.1007/s11050-009-9047-5.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2009) "Self Intensification and Focus Interpretation". In Bergljot Behrens & C. Fabricius Hansen (eds.), Structuring information in discourse: the explicit–implicit dimension (= Oslo Studies in Language 1(1)), 109–129.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2007) "Focus interpretation in Thetic statements: Alternative Semantics and Optimality Theory Pragmatics", Journal of Logic, Language and Information 16(1), 15–33. doi: 10.1007/s10849-006-9021-2.
  • Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine & Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2004) "In a Mediative Mood: The Semantics of the German Reportive Subjunctive". Natural Language Semantics 12(3), 213–257. doi: 10.1023/B:NALS.0000034514.27887.d9.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2004) "Conversational Contrast and Conventional Parallel: Topic Implicatures and Additive Presuppositions". Journal of Semantics 21(2), 199–217. doi: 10.1093/jos/21.2.199.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2004) "Natural Language Corpus Semantics: The Free Choice Controversy". Nordic Journal of Linguistics 27(2), 197–218. doi: 10.1017/S0332586504001210.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2001) "The Semantics of Scandinavian Free Choice Items". Linguistics and Philosophy 24(6), 737–788. doi: 10.1023/A:1012788916366.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1996) "Anaphoric Presuppositions and Zero Anaphora". Linguistics and Philosophy 19(2), 187–209. doi: 10.1007/BF00635837.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1980) "Infinitive Perfect and Backward Causation". Nordic Journal of Linguistics 3(2), 161–173. doi: 10.1017/S0332586500000561.

Book chapters

  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2020) "Anankastic Conditionals". In Daniel Gutzmann, Lisa Matthewson, Cécile Meier, Hotze Rullmann and Ede Zimmermann (eds.), The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics, Oxford: John Wiley & Sons, 26 pp. doi10.1002/9781118788516.sem107.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2016) "Information Structure and Presupposition". In Caroline Féry and Shinichiro Ishihara (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Information Structure, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 128–146.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2014) "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans: More on Missing". In Daniel Gutzmann, Jan Köpping & Cécile Meier (eds.), Approaches to Meaning: Composition, Values, and Interpretation. Leiden: Brill, 105–127.
  • Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine & Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2011) "Behabitive Reports". In Elke Brendel, Jörg Meibauer & Markus Steinbach (eds.), Understanding Quotation. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 85–106.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2011) "Adverbial Clauses". In Klaus von Heusinger, Claudia Maienborn & Paul Portner (eds.), Semantics. An International Handbook of Natural Language Meaning. Volume 2. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1420–1441.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2008) "The Structure of Criterion Predicates". In Johannes Dölling, Tatjana Heyde-Zybatow & Martin Schäfer (eds.), Event Structures in Linguistic Form and Interpretation. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 127–147.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2007) "A Whether Forecast". In Henk Zeevat & Balder ten Cate (eds.), Logic, Language, and Computation: 6th International Tbilisi Symposium, Batumi 2005, Selected Papers (TbiLLC 2005). Berlin: Springer, 189–199.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2001) "Necessary Conditions in a Natural Language". In Caroline Féry & Wolfgang Sternefeld (eds.), Audiatur Vox Sapientiae. A Festschrift for Arnim von Stechow. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 427–449.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1999) "Discourse Linking and Discourse Subordination". In Peter Bosch & Rob van der Sandt (eds.), Focus: Linguistic, Cognitive, and Computational Perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 322–335.
  • Sem, Helle Frisak, Kjell Johan Sæbø, Guri Verne & Espen Vestre (1991) "Parameters: Dependence and Absorption". In Jon Barwise, Jean Mark Gawron, Gordon Plotkin & Syun Tutiya (eds.), Situation Theory and its Applications. Volume 2. Stanford: CSLI, 499–516.
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Conference papers

  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2011) "Appositives in Modal Contexts". In Ingo Reich, Eva Horch & Dennis Pauly (eds.), Sinn und Bedeutung 15. Proceedings. Universaar – Saarland University Press, 79–100.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2009) "Focus, Sensitivity, and the Currency of the Question". In Arndt Riester & Edgar Onea (eds.), Focus at the Syntax-Semantics Interface (= SinSpeC 3). University of Stuttgart, 87–99.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2007) "On the Quantity and Quality of Contexts in Discourse Semantics". In Jon Cihlar, Amy Franklin, Dave Kaiser & Irene Kimbara (eds.), CLS 39-2: The Panels. Papers from the 39th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Chicago Linguistic Society, 319–340.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2004) "Optimal Interpretations of Permission Sentences". In Rusudan Asatiani (ed.), Proceedings of the 5th Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation October 6-10, 2003. Tbilisi: CLLS, Tbilisi State University, 137–144.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (2003) "Presupposition and Contrast: German aber as a Topic Particle". In Matthias Weisgerber (ed.), Proceedings of SuB7. Constance: University of Constance, 257–271.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1997) "Topic, Focus, and Quantifier Raising". In Paul Dekker, Martin Stokhof & Yde Venema (eds.), Proceedings of the 11th Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam: ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 67–72.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1994) "Anaphoric presuppositions and zero anaphora". In Paul Dekker & Martin Stokhof (eds.), Proceedings of the 9th Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam: ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 567–586.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1992) "The generation of noun phrases: adequacy and anaphora". In Paul Dekker & Martin Stokhof (eds.), Proceedings of the 8th Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam: ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 531–546.
  • Sæbø, Kjell Johan (1988) "A Cooperative Yes-No Query System Featuring Discourse Particles". In Dénes Vargha (ed.), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING '88). Budapest: John von Neumann Society for Computing Sciences, 549–554.
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