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Christopher studies the strategic use of technology in political communication and governance, with an emphasis on emerging technolgoies, digital transformation, multi-stakeholderism and civic participation.

Publications can be found at Google Scholar, he blogs about methods for measuring the impact of civic technology at


Research interests

  • Government communication strategies surrounding the adoption of emerging technologies and complex social issues (privacy, algorithmic bias, etc)
  • The social impacts of using technology for civic engagement public service delivery
  • The influence and effectiveness of international normative regimes for civic participation
  • The effects of democratic innovations on public trust in government and political efficacy

Christopher defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo in August 2019, with a focus on methods for assessing the influence of global multi-stakeholder intiative and the socialization of technology and particiaption norms in government.

Prior to his doctoral work, Christopher co-founded and led the learning and research activities at The Engine Room (, then an applied research organization focusing on the use of digital tools in advocacy. Christopher also worked as a communications officer in the UNDP Global Program for governance assessments, and has performed as a national researcher for various international initiatives such as the Open Data Barometer and the Open Government Partnership.

Christopher is also a research fellow with the Digital Service Collaborative at Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Policy Innovation and Social Impact.

Christopher holds a Masters Degree in the Theory and Practice of International Human Rights Law from the University of Oslo Law Faculty and a Bachelors of Arts in Rhetoric and Communication, from the University of California Berkeley.


Select Peer Review:

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Policy briefs and practical guides:

  • Christopher Wilson. (2018). Open data stakeholders: Civil society. In T. Davies, S. B. Walker, M. Rubenstein, & F. Perini (Eds.), The State of Open Data: Histories and Horizons (pp. 355–367). Retrieved from
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Doctoral dissertation:

Multi-stakeholder promotion of civic participation: assessing the Open Government Partnership's influence on national policy

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  • Wilson, Christopher Ben (2019). Multi-stakeholder promotion of civic participation: assessing the Open Government Partnership’s influence on national policy.
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