Elisabeth Brun

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Media and Communication
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Mobile phone +47 47 654 087
Room 487
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 0349 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1093 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student) Department of Education (Student)


The PhD-project: The Essay Film as Topography: explorations of place through moving image thinking, investigates the ability of the moving image to think (about and through) place, from the idea that topographies/dynamics of our surroundings, structure conceptual thinking (memory, the formation of concepts etc.) The thesis argues that in reflecting cinematographically about the imagination of place, one can as a filmmaker discover place structures, measure the limits and potentialities of technologies, think through form and reflect on the different “topographical views of place” that are afforded by these forms. One can in short think topographically with the camera about the way mind, place and the camera apparatus produce shifts in how a human subject imagines place and environments (the moving image as an epistemological machine). 

Academic Interests

Essay-film, Documentary photography, Theories of Space/Place, Rhetoric, GeoHumanities, Modernity/Postmodernity, Experimental Poetics, Architecture, Discourse Theory, Technology, Research-led Practice, Film-Philosophy, Photography, Media Aesthetics. 


Elisabeth Brun is a filmmaker, previously working as journalist and TV-director in the Norwegian Public Broadcasting Corporation, NRK (2001-2014). Academically she holds an MA in Media and Communication studies from the University of Oslo (2013), and an MA in International Journalism, Broadcasting, from City University, London (2001). In 2014 she studied still photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo. She has also served as a jury member in national awards for documentary photography and television. 


2020  Winner of the Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment in the category of Visual Arts, for the practical part of the PhD-project: Thinking Through Form: a Topographical Moving Image Experiment. The film´s title: 3xShapes of Home (7 min). 

2012  Fritt Ord-foundation (Norwegian organisation working for freedom of expression). Scholarship for Master thesis.

2009  1st prize in the "Documentary" category for the documentary film "Appearances are Deceptive" (NRK), Northern Character TV Festival, Murmansk, Russia.





Tags: Documentary, Photography, Rhetoric, Geohumanities, Practice as research, Film theory, Media innovation, Media aesthetics, Philosophy of mind


  • Brun, Elisabeth (2020). Essay Film as Topography: explorations of place though moving image thinking.

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