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Webinar about Ethical Dilemmas in Comparative and Longitudinal Research with children and young people

The Children, youth and media group at IMK invites you to a webinar on ethical dilemmas arising in comparative and longitudinal research on Wednesday 9 June.

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What ethical dilemmas arise when engaging in comparative and longitudinal research with children and young people? How do these dilemmas influence different stages of the research process, including planning, implementation, data sharing, and analysis? What strategies can we use to navigate these dilemmas, and how effective are these?

On Wednesday 9 June we will collaborate with our H2020-funded partner project ySKILLS to organise a webinar about ethical issues arising in comparative and longitudinal research about children and young people’s use of digital media. Ths webinar will alos be of interest for researchers and students working with a broader range of topics.

The webinar will be hosted by Professor Elisabeth Staksrud (University of Oslo, Norway), who will be joined by experts with experience of large-scale comparative and longitudinal research. 

Final Programme:

1600-1610: Opening and overview of programme - Research ethical dilemmas encountered when engaging with children and young people  - Professor Elisabeth Staksrud

1610-1625: Rasmus Mannerström, Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki (ySKILLS) – Dilemmas of consent

1625-1630: Interactive Poll (and presentation of results) 

1630-1645: Hana Macháčková and Marie Bedrošová (Masaryk University) (ySKILLS)- Children’s understanding and questionnaires: Cognitive testing as an ethical necessity

1645-1700: Tijana Milosevic, Postdoctoral Researcher, Anti-Bullying Centre, Dublin City University (EU Kids Online) -EU Kids Online project in Serbia: Ethics and fieldwork challenges

1700-1705: Poll and presentation of results 

1705-1730 Interactive discussion with panel and q&a (not recorded)

This webinar is organised by the Children, youth and media group at the Department of Media and Communications, University of Oslo in collaboration with the H2020 funded research projects CO:RE and ySKILLS. It is part of a webinar series on research ethics.

Note: By participating in the webinar you agree that your contribution can be recorded and made available online (webinar session, 16.00-17.00 CEST). The subsequent interactive session will not be recorded (workshop session, 17.00-17.30 CEST). 

Opportunity for Interaction: The webinar, including presentations and a brief Q&A session, will last for approximately one hour. It will immediately be followed by a 30-minute online interactive session. We encourage researchers to join us in this session and to engage with our experts to discuss this important topic. You are welcome to send us any questions you may have, or issues you would like to discuss in advance of the workshop. Please submit your questions as direct message to the CO:RE project via FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or ResearchGate or via the contact form here (subject: Ethics Webinar)


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