Stream: Breakfast seminar and book launch

The Stream research project hosted a breakfast seminar last week, followed by the launch of Hendrik Spilker's new book "Digital Music Distribution: The Sociology of Online Music Streams". 

The Stream research project will study streaming media until 2021. At the breakfast seminar three of the research participants presented thematics of the project, Kantar TNS presented their new audience measurements where streaming is finally included, and Storytel presented their service that is like "Spotify for audiobooks". 

Upper left to right: Arnt Maasø (research participant), Anders Fagerjord (project leader), Marika Lüders (research participant). Lower left to right: Guro Stavn (Kantar TNS), Guro Stavn (Kantar TNS), Håkon Havik (Storytel). Photos: Cathrine T. Pettersen

Immediately after the seminar, Hendrik Spilker launched his new book "Digital Music Distribution: The Sociology of Online Music Streams". Spilker is also a research participant in the Stream research project. The book is a result of several years of research on digital music distribution, and Spilker presented the main findings. Arvid Schanke-Knutsen (Klassekampen and Rockheim), Jarle Savio (Phonofile) and Robert Gjestad (Aftenposten) were invited to comment and reflect on digital music distribution.

Left to right: Robert Gjestad (Aftenposten), Jarle Savio (Phonofile), Arvid Schanke-Knutsen (Klassekampen and Rockheim) and Hendrik Spilker. Photos: Cathrine T. Pettersen


By Cathrine T. Pettersen
Published Sep. 22, 2017 1:16 PM - Last modified Sep. 22, 2017 2:02 PM