Research projects


The Omaha Beach app, developed by Professor Gunnar Liestøl, SitsimLab.

Completed projects

  • Streaming the culture industries (STREAM) 
    Project leader: Marika Lüders
  • Clouds & Concerts: Trends in Music Culture 
    Project leaders: Arnt Maasø and Anne Danielsen
  • The Online Debate after the 22. of July 2011 
    Project leader: Anders Sundes Løvlie
  • App-Power. New Forms of Innovation
    Researchers: Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk, Arne H. Krumsvik, Eli Skogerbø and Tanja Storsul (project leader)
  • Center for Service Innovation (CSI)
    Researcher: Knut Kvale
  • Customer Care 2015 
    Researcher: Knut Kvale
  • The Onlife Initiative
    Researcher: Charles Ess

Completed PhD projects