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Children, youth and media

Children, youth and media is a research group focusing on questions connected to the use of technology and media by children and adolescents.  

The research group is researching how children interact with media and technology. Among other, the research is used to develop recommendations for parents and authorithies on how to secure safe use of internet for children and adolescents. The research group works on cutting-edge topics related to digital media use of children and families, from well-known risks such as cyberbullying and sexting, to emerging issues such as hate speech and youth radicalization. We are also increasingly examining the growing use of internet of things (e.g. wearable fitness technology, internet-connected house appliances or toys, just to name a few) and their implications for the privacy, health and overall well-being of families. We design our work with the aim to influence the creation of policies that strengthen children's right to protection but also to participation in digital spaces

In 2018 the group will be working primarily with consolidation of the academic cooperation and co-writing in order to make the better fundament for coordination of larger project applications, and will also work with a H2020 application.

The research group is a part of EU Kids Online, which is one of the world's largest international research network on children and media.

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