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Children, youth and media

Our research group, based at IMK, explores how children and adolescents use digital media. We provide ground-breaking research about the digital lives of children, adolescents, families and parents. 

About the group

Our research approach is to maintain a balance between the risks and opportunities associated with the use of digital media by children and adolescents.

We engage in national and international networks with the public sector, industry, researchers and other stakeholders who work with related topics.

Our research is used to develop advice and recommendations for safer internet use by children and adolescents.

Important themes for the group:

  • cyberbullying
  • sexting
  • online hate speech 
  • radicalisation
  • sexual harassment 
  • self-harm
  • the Internet of Things (IoT) (toys, wearables and other devices that are connected to the Internet)
  • parental mediation
  • digital literacy/skills and resilience


Researchers in this group participate in two large interdisciplinary nordic and international research networks.

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