Master's thesis presentation: Claudia Merkl

The candidate will present her thesis: Plural MasculinityThe Representation of Isak’s and Abdi’s Masculinity in the Norwegian Teen Drama Series Skam 3 and 17

Bildet kan inneholde: tekst, font, historie.

The subject matter of this thesis is the examination of how the two Norwegian teen television
dramas Skam 3 and 17 represent masculinity. I approach this matter by conducting a study of genre and a study of character. In the former I deploy John Fiske’s remarks on gendered
television in order to investigate to what extent the genre affiliations (soap opera in the case
of Skam 3 and suburban realism in regard to 17) stand in relation to the representations of

Taking this as a point of departure, I look closer at the development and construction of the main characters Isak and Abdi in regard to three key identity markers:
sexuality, ethnicity and race, and class. Basing my remarks on Raewyn Connell’s four
masculinity patterns, I conclude that both protagonists exhibit hegemony in some respects
(Abdi in regard to sexuality, Isak in regard to ethnicity, race, and class) and subordination or
marginalization in regard to others (Isak in terms of sexuality, Abdi in terms of ethnicity,
race, and class).

I argue further that Isak’s masculinity is marked by an individualized
subordination, whereas Abdi’s masculinity is marked by an institutional marginalization.
Finally, I answer my main research question of how masculinity is represented through the
two main characters in concluding that both are examples of a representation of plural

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