Master's thesis presentation: Vilde Phoebe Conley-Lauvdal

The candidate will present her thesis: 

Interest by the Millisecond Analysis of Age-Related Interest in NRK News’ Facebook Videos in 2018

Bildet kan inneholde: tekst, font.

This thesis examines the degree of age-related interest in video content by basing the
assumption that time spent (milliseconds) surmises general interest in video content for the
Norwegian Public Broadcaster’s (NRK) News department on Facebook in 2018. As such, we
have compared two age groups, under 35 and over 35 in our goal towards pinpointing core
differences and reasoning for certain findings. Generally, we have evidence to support that
there is a degree of age-related interest in pertinence to the NRK News department’s
Facebook page, where younger age groups seem to consume content to a higher degree for
the overall most watched content but quickly tapers off in contrast to the older age group.
There is also evidence to support that specific categories of news content differs between the
two, where key factors such as emotionality and sensationalism contribute to overall view
time for the younger age groups.

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