Visions at Soria Moria

The second CoMRel project meeting took place at the Soria Moria conference centre above downtown Oslo.

Participants at Soria Moria from left to right: Audun Toft, Marie Gillespie (on advisory board), Knut Lundby, Birgit Meyer (on advisory board), Liv Ingeborg Lied, Mia Lövheim, David Herbert, Mattias Pape Rosenfeldt, Linnea Jensdotter, Mona Abdel-Fadil, Maximilan Broberg, Haakon H. Jernsletten and Stig Hjarvard. (Photo: CoMRel).

The participants shared project visions and discussed emerging case studies. Birgit Meyer and Marie Gillespie from CoMRel's Advisory Board gave valuable input. CoMRel's programme officer at the Research Council of Norway situated the project in the SAMKUL initiative from which CoMRel is funded.

Published June 23, 2015 1:25 PM - Last modified Nov. 7, 2017 12:52 PM