Conflictual interactions in mixed localities

The subproject «Conflictual interactions in mixed localities» explores the intertwined role of media and religion in ethno-religious conflicts in contemporary Norway.

Dynamics of religious-secular interaction in two localities in Norway

This project looks into the ways in which media portray and enact religion and ethnicity in public conflicts and it further investigates the dynamics of religious-secular interaction in localities in Kristiansand and Oslo with a strong Muslim presence. The project particularly focuses on interfaith and secular dialogue encounters and initatives. Of special interest is the exploration of the degree to which dialogue organizations, initiatives, representatives and members rely on mass and social media to handle religio-ethnic conflicts. 

Postdoc Louise Lund Liebmann at the University of Agder is the principle researcher on this subproject, which is closely related to the project Cultural Conflict 2.0 headed by David Herbert.


Refugees and Asylum Seekers - a Topic on the Norwegian Christian Grass-roots?

This is a content analysis of websites and parish magazines in Kristiansand and the surrounding region. Are there comments on the refugee situation from August 2015 up to the present? Are there practical initiatives to help? Are refugees and asylum seekers visible themselves? Are there political statements? In popular opinion and the media there seemed to be a change around October 2015, from empathy and care over to control and restrictions. Is this mirrored on the grass-roots level? The national church leadership in the Church of Norway as well as in the minority churches have profiled themselves as critics of the present government's restrictive policy. Is this reflected also on the Christian grass-roots? About 75 websites, parish magazines and local publications from Christian organizations in the Kristiansand region will be analyzed with a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Professor Pål Repstad at the University of Agder is responsible for this study.

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