Mediatized conflicts in public schools

This subproject studies classroom interaction in secondary schools with pupils from varied religious backgrounds. The Norwegian part is conducted by ph.d-fellow Audun Toft and professor Liv Ingeborg Lied at MF Norwegian School of Theology. A comparison with Sweden from 2016 will focus the role of teachers in this classroom interaction. This part is directed by Mia Lövheim, Uppsala University, in cooperation with the project on "Teaching Religion in Late Modern Sweden", led by Anders Sjöborg and Malin Löfstedt with ph.d.-fellow Maximilian Broberg as the link to CoMRel.

The Norwegian part of this subproject aims to explore classroom interaction on religion and conflict in Norwegian secondary schools, with a specific focus on the subject “Religion and Ethics”. The classroom will be seen as an environment where religion is represented and negotiated. The primary goal of the subject ”Religion and Ethics” is giving the pupils increased knowledge and a nuanced view on religion and world views. The subject also has a strong focus on core societal values where the pupils should learn to understand and respect the views of others, and the pupils are expected to bring in their own views and experiences. How are elements from news media and popular culture brought into the classroom, and in what way do they shape or influence the classroom discourses and representations of religion?

The subproject can be further divided into two parts:

Islam in the classroom (Toft)

The media has a strong focus on Islam and conflict. Both globally, connected to international events and conflicts, and locally, connected to Norway as a multicultural society. We expect this to influence how Islam is being discussed in the classroom. The aim is to observe what kind of discourses are being brought into the classroom, and how different views and opinions on Islam are being played out in classroom interaction.

Mediated conflicts in public schools – popular media and ‘banal religion' (Lied)

The popular media features a lot of religious elements and this is likely to influence the pupils’ view on religion. This part of the subproject aims to study how references to popular media and ‘banal religion’ are being brought into the classroom, how these references are used in classroom contexts.

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