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Online debate following 22 July (completed)

The terrorist attack in Norway on 22 July 2011 led to an increased focus on online debate among the Norwegian public. Many websites closed their online debate immediately after the terrorist attacks. Most sites reopened the debate after a few weeks, but a number of sites also made permanent changes, aimed among other things at making it more difficult to participate under a concealed identity. In this research project, we aim to analyse these changes, and the way they are perceived both by the editors and by participants.

About the project

The project is in three parts:
1. In-depth interviews with editors and moderators at a selection of central online newspapers
2. A quantitative questionnaire survey of active participants in the debate
3. In-depth interviews with a selection of respondents to the questionnaire survey


The study should result in one or two academic articles presenting the findings.


Expected to be ready beginning of 2013.


The project will run from February to March 2013.


NOK 300,000 from the Council for Applied Media research (Rådet for anvendt medieforskning – RAM).


We are cooperating with the project in the ‘Regulation of the debate in online newspapers in the wake of 22/7’ at the University of Bergen, headed by Professor Dag Elgesem.


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Project leader

Anders Sundes Løvlie