“Media harm” – live webinar

On Thursday 12th November we will host a webinar (in Norwegian) where we will present research about harmful media effects for children and young people and discuss policy work in this field.

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The webinar is open to everyone with an interest in research about how children and young people use digital media and how this can result in harmful consequences. 

The session will be a live, online webinar that you can log into and watch on the day. The session will be primarily in Norwegian. 

This is the program of the webinar (in Norwegian):

1000-1015: Velkommen til møte, info om programmet og ‘hva er en medieeffekt?’ (Elisabeth Staksrud med Niamh Ní Bhroin)

1015-1035: Kunnskapsoppsummering: Oversikt over forskning om skadelige medieeffekter på barn og unge (Niamh Ní Bhroin og Siri Hausland Folstad)

1035-1050: Medieskadelighet: Introduksjon til utvalget for å verne barn mot skadelig medieinnhold med Jon Wessel-Aas, leder av utvalget

1050-1110: Ny forskning om barns erfaringer med seksuelle meldinger fra EU Kids Online (Monica Barbovschi, in English)

1110-1130: Spørsmål og svar fra salen

1130: Slutt

Below, you can read about the speakers:


Elisabeth Staksrud: a Norwegian Media Researcher and Professor at the IMK at the UiO. She is responsible for the Norwegian part of the EU-project called EU Kids Online. Other key competencies: Children, youth, new media, safe use and online risk/regulation/rights, moral panics, media regulation, censorship, freedom of expression, institutionalized individualization, research ethics, media effects.


Jon Wessel-Aas: a Norwegian lawyer who specialises in media law. He also leads the Norwegian Committee for the protection of children and young people against harmful media effects.




Niamh Ní Bhroin: Researcher at the IMK at the UiO. She was awarded a PhD in 2015 at the UiO, and is interested in digital social inclusion, media innovation and research ethics. Her focus is in particular on how minority and Indigenous children and adolescents use digital and social media. She also explores empirical cases of media innovation using theories and concepts relating to digital social inclusion, including user empowerment, participation and digital literacy.  


Siri Hausland Folstad: Research Assistant at the IMK at the UiO. In her current position she works with disseminating information from the EU-project ySKILLS to Norwegian stakeholders. Additionally, Siri is conducting a literature review about media harm, children and young people, as an assignment to the Department of Culture in Norway. Siri completed her Master of Research degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester in 2019.


​Monica Barbovschi: Monica Barbovschi, Ph.D, is a newly appointed researcher with the Norwegian team in the EU Kids Online network. She is also an associated researcher with the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy and a member of the Romanian team in the EU Kids Online network (previously she was the coordinator of the Romanian team between 2009-2014). Recently, she was the coordinator of UEFISCDI project Young Teams ”Friendship quality in the age of online social networks. The use and misuse of personal data among Romanian adolescents” (2015-2017) financed by the Romanian Government.



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