Digitox seminar April 2021

Disconnection - new forms and approaches

Disconnection continues to find new expressions in our culture, both in the private sphere and on commercial arenas.

A stack of mobile phones on a table

In this online seminar, we are happy to have Kristoffer Albris from the University of Copenhagen and Annette Markham from the RMIT University in Melbourne as invited guests. Markham is a member of the Digitox Advisory Board. 

Albris will give the presentation Selling the Promise of Presence: The Cultural Imaginaries of Digital Detox Businesses in Denmark which concerns the increasing number of companies who offer silent retreats and mindfulness courses to help people with their (over)use of digital devices and platforms. Albris will outline how this emerging industry seek to promote their products in various ways, but most notably by promising potential customers that they can take back control of their own presence in the world.

Annette Markham will present her recent theoretical work around “The Ontological Insecurity of Disconnecting: an Echolocation Theory of Sociality in the Digital Epoch. Focusing on what happens when we disconnect, at the micro sociological level, reveals interesting echolocative communication patterns otherwise not noticed. Disconnection disrupts the continuous stream of call and response patterns of interaction, and examining this as a matter of positioning and locating the self can enrich our understanding of the deep feelings of existential vulnerability associated with being discconnected.

Trine Syvertsen (Digitox project) will chair the discussion.

Time and date: Wednesday 21 April, 9-10  (CET/Norwegian time)
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