Digitox digital seminar December 2020

Atypical media work in the culture of (dis)connectivity

What constitutes media ‘work’ in the current culture of capitalism and under the daily pressures of constant connectivity? This seminar challenges conventional perceptions of work and labour by inquiring media work that takes place under atypical conditions and by conceptualizing digital disconnection as (re)productive work.

A stack of mobile phones on a table

In this Digitox digital seminar, we are delighted to have Mark Deuze (University of Amsterdam and Digitox advisory board) as an invited guest.
Mark will outline a theory of atypical media work, under the heading: "Toward a theory of atypical media work and social hope".

This is followed by a presentation by Karin Fast (Media and communication, UiO), which recognizes the "toil and drudgery" of digital disconnection in post-Fordist lives:

"Digital disconnection as (re)productive work"

Gunn Enli (IMK, UiO) is chairing the discussion.
Time and date December 8, 1100-1200 (Norwegian time)



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