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The Archive in Motion (AiM) (completed)

The project investigates the ways in which archival concepts and practices have been transformed under the impact of the radical changes in writing and recording technologies that have taken place over the last century, and particularly with the introduction of digital technologies.

Film, video, television, sound recording and computers seem to have instigated a general storage-mania and a proliferation of both public and private archival practices. Yet these technologies also challenge traditional notions of the permanence and stability of the archival document and open onto a whole range of new questions concerning what exactly it means to store information for future use.

The project combines three research perspectives: 1) “social memory studies”, 2) a media archaeological approach (Foucault), and 3) the emerging field named “media aesthetics”, which focuses on how media change is related to changing conditions of human perception and sensation.

The three-year research project (2011-2014) is a collaboration between The National Library of Norway, Department of Philosophy, Classics, and History of Art and Ideas at The University of Oslo, Department of Media Studies at The University of Oslo, and Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University. It is financed by The National Library of Norway and The Research Council of Norway.

For more information: Visit the website of the Department of Philosophy, Classics, and History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK).

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