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Research topic: Film history

Ever since Louis and Auguste Lumiére showed film for the first time at the Grand Café in Paris in 1895, film has grown to an important medium with countless genres and national styles.

Research into film history demonstrates how modern film is a product of a historical development. It becomes clear that film is always marked by the technology, economy and law of its time, and that it often mirrors the societey it was created in. The ways film has been exhibited and understood are also objects of study.

During its existence for over 120 years, the film has become a central cultural expression, a major industry and an important part of many nations' selfimage.

When we are doing research on film history, we are tryign to show to which extent films are the product of a historical development in Norway and internationally. It becomes apparent that the film is always characterized by technological, economic and legal framework, and that a film often reflects the society in which it has been produced .

Our researchers are also studying how movies have been shown and how they have been understood.

Priority research areas

Media Aesthetics and Imag(in)ing Technologies

Research projects

Changes in the film and cinema industry

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