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Research topic: Journalism

Journalism is an important social, cultural and political institution in a modern society. We are using the term "journalism" both for a text form and a professional practice.

The study of journalism is important because journalism, especially in the news media, helps us to shape our images of society and the world around us. Editors do this through putting some issues on the agenda and excluding the others; and by letting some sources speak more often than others.

Journalism also affects our perception of reality through the news angle and choice of framing.

Researchers at our Department study all these aspects of journalism. In addition, we are concerned with the methods which are used by journalists and editors, by norms and ethics; how journalism is affected by economic conditions and challenged by technological and cultural processes.

The members of the priority research area of political communication (POLKOM) are studying, in particular, political journalism, media perceptions and behavior.

The media can also affect organizations, institutions and social development in a more general way. Studies of media use are central in terms of media impact, where the extent to which media is used and the type of media has also something to say.

Our researchers are particularly concerned about how the media influence agenda setting, opinion-forming and policy Development.

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Published Feb. 15, 2013 10:29 AM - Last modified July 19, 2017 2:06 PM