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Research topic: Media and ethics

Internet-facilitated media increasingly diffuse into and reshape all aspects of contemporary existence: such media thus evoke both familiar and new ethical challenges that require expertise in philosophical ethics as well as media and communication studies. 

The range of issues extends from the more specialized, such as Internet research ethics, internet regulation, digital journalism ethics, and cross-cultural ethics, to more broadly shared concerns with freedom of expression, identity formation and cultural norms, pornography, copyright, violent content, cyberbullying, and so on. 

Recently, artificial intelligence and sociality, e.g. in form of robots, have started to pose challenges also for media and communication as well as ethics, so that media and communication scholars are increasingly engaged in the ethical dimensions of a sociality that is not the product of interaction between humans.

Priority research areas

Centre for Research on Media Innovations

Media Aesthetics and Imag(in)ing Technologies

Relevant projects

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